What do we do?

We are an association of employers and working families with a high level of vocation, conviction and commitment working to intensify the culture of donating organs and tissues in Mexico and structuring better and more professional alternative support services for the reception and transplant them.


Support socially vulnerable people by helping them regain their quality of life through access to health, being agents of change in public policy advocacy, obtaining the best alternative material and human infrastructure to achieve it.


Consolidate Mexico within a modern legal framework for patient care, generating efficient and effective institutions to carry out the necessary reforms that permit.


  • Love: The essence of ALE: love of life.
  • Fortaleza: We were born because pain became strength
  • Health Leadership


General Purpose

Be agents of change, providing the intensity of our commitment, our organizational capacity and resourcing, as well as our high professional standards to integrate families of donors and recipients with an efficient and effective network of medical institutions in a community links with the same goal of high human level and technical vanguard.

Specific Objectives

1.  Offer social assistance and transplant medicine to people in situations of economic vulnerability.

2.  Promote and encourage in Mexico the right to health, access to quality services and comprehensive treatments for all patients.

3.  Support and assist in the creation of physical and human infrastructure for proper care.

4.  Promote broad culture of organ and tissue donation.

5.  Influencing Public Policy in health for the benefit of patients.

Those who we support

All people in a situation of economic vulnerability, of any age and sex, sick of an organ or tissue transplant susceptible to have life and quality of life. Relatives of these people struggling to make a decent and quality life.