1,256 People have been supported with transplant surgery.
11,701 people regained their sight through cataract surgery.
63,000 people benefited by renal prevention campaigns.
Five units equipped with processing machines Hemodialysis.
Four Eye Banks equipped in the city of Aguascalientes and Querétaro
13 scholarships awarded for specialization transplant in Spain.
Agreements with 19 general hospitals for transplant surgeries.


We encouraged a change in 2011 to a Title XIV «Donation, Transplantation and Loss of Life» of the General Health Law, in which the family of «tacit donor”, which considers all Mexicans as organ donors to set unless otherwise stated, is responsible for enforce the will of the donor.

Stated the reform of the Regulations of the General Health Law on xenotransplantation, which was published in the Official Gazette in 2014.

Met the allocation of 300 million pesos to ‘Seguro Popular’, labeled for performing kidney transplants to those under 18 years of age.

We promote the creation of point agreement where the Senate asks the House of Representatives for financial resources and fundinf so that each State has Nephrology services.

We managed to include in the Universal Health Services Catalog of the ‘Seguro Popular’ (CAUSES), procedures for primary care to analyze diabetics to know of their renal function.

* In 2014 we promoted the creation of point agreement, in which the Chamber of Deputies requested the Ministry of Health to include the Renal Disease in the Universal Health Services Catalog (CAUSES) of the Popular Insurance.

In 2015 the Point Agreement presentation urged the Senate of the Republic to include the Kidney Cancer Care in Universal Health Services Catalog (CAUSES) Popular Insurance.

We Participated in updating the Official Mexican Standard NOM-220-SSA1-2015, Installation and Operation of the Pharmacovigilance