About us


ALE Association was founded in October 2004 by families Alverde Castro and Castro Careaga in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, after the death of Ale – son of Luis Eduardo Alverde and Adriana Castro – and the extraordinary experience and satisfaction, in pain, having donated their organs to others and the consequent awakening to the reality of organ donation in Mexico.

The aim of ALE Association is to promote the culture of organ donation and ensure the human and material resources to carry out transplants in places where not have the means to do so.

On November 1 2004, the Board of Private Assistance Sinaloa granted authorization to be constituted as private assistance institution, statutes that were protocoled before Lic. Jesus Zazueta F. Sanchez, Notary Public No. 63 of the Cd. Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and registered in the Public Registry of Property on November 4, 2004.

The coldness of statistics is overwhelming, there is much work to be done and many lives to be saved. On this website you will find all the information of what ALE Association is and what it is achieving. We hope to have your support to ensure that the death of Ale – and many other people in our country – is not in vain, and that the hope they have thousands of people in Mexico, receiving a transplant to give them new life, it becomes reality.

Álvarez López Antonio

Karam Ibarra Carmen Oliva

Alverde Montemayor Luis Eduardo

Navorro Cota Federico Miguel

Careaga Angulo Lucila

Rivas Llamas de Valle Irma Guadalapue

Casellas de Navarro Ana Maria

Sibrián Vega Santiago Antonio

Castro Careaga Adriana

Valenzuela de Álvarez Lilia Maria

Castro Careaga Carlos Alejandro

Valenzuela de Romo María

Castro Careaga Lucia

Vargas Landeros Germán Horacio

Castro Careaga María de Lourdes

Vega Ibarra Jesús Antonio

Castro Careaga Ricardo

Vega Valenzuela Luz Mercedes

Castro Sánchez Carlos Alejandro

Vidales Gracia Elisa

Galaz Beltrán Leticia

Navarro López Luis Adalberto

Careaga Angulo Balbanera

Navarro Yamuni Matías Alfredo

Adriana Castro Careaga

Jesús Antonio Vega Ibarra

Luis Navarro López

Federico Navarro Cota

Carmen Olivia Karam Ibarra

Maritza Aguirre Free

Balbanera Careaga Angulo