Social Care

Transplant Surgery

Coordinate transplants and their performance and reach poor people of any age and sex as required to offer a better quality of life.

Financial support

Provide financial support for transplant surgeries of an organ or tissue to patients in need and their families.

Support with Immunosuppressive Drugs

Through agreements with various pharmaceutical laboratories to support patients requiring medication taken for life, so that they can get it at a more affordable price.

Support Program with Hemodialysis Treatment

Supporting people who lack social and economic security with hemodialysis sessions for a period of six months during which they must complete their compatibility protocol, hereby stating that the patient is in optimal condition for surgery transplant.

Organ Procurement

Establish an information network in hospitals to detect brain death. Contact procurement professionals to come to accompany the family and in turn, request the donation.

Incentives for Health Professionals

Provide financial compensation to the professionals involved in the process of organ donation and procurement through agreements established with Departments of Health and hospitals.

Conducting Meetings with Renal Patients Patient and Family

Events for patients and their families, as well as people with any risk factors: overweight, obesity, diabetes mellitus and hypertension, in order to provide valuable information through specialists in nephrology, nutrition and emotional support so that they can acquire healthier life styles and better management of their disease.

Cataract Surgery Campaign

With the support of Cinépolis Foundation, the Oftavisión Clinic and different institutions, the campaigns reached Surgeries Niagara, which implemented a totally free program to help poor people to regain their vision.